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Do not rely soley on photos to choose your item, monitors differ sometimes a great deal. The lighting you view your wig in may be different from lighting used in photos. Our photos are taken outside in good bright lighting so colors may be more intense. The item color codes are universal and are stated so you will know what the color will look like in person.

If you are not familiar with color codes please google the color and look at photos so you can be sure the color is what you want. BRAZILIAN NATURAL HUMAN HAIR LACE FRONT LACE PARTING WIG Natural Black 1074. IF YOU ITEM IS A "NATURAL" HUMAN HAIR. PLEASE NOTE: Natural Human Hair may have a few strands of other colors running thru them. &###xA0; This is normal the natural brazilion human hair has not be tinted at the factory and is as the donar grew it so could have strands of other colors and may even appear lighter in person.


SHE IS LACE FRONT WITH A LACE PART. If you have any questions about the product do not hesitate to ask. I will be happy to answer any questions. We will do our best to make your experience with us enjoyable one and ensure your satisfaction. We have been in the beauty supply business for over 30 years now.

How To Wear A Wig. Wearing a wig for the very first time might seem like a daunting thing to do, but don? S actually easier than you might think. Wigs are designed to fit your head perfectly?

They are adjustable, stretchy and made from soft materials to assist in a long and comfortable wear. To make wearing your new wig as easy as possible, just follow these simple steps: Style your wig a little! It's so much easier to get your wig looking fabulous if it's on a head or in your hand. Shake it out a little, lightly style and get it looking how you would like. You can view our styling tips and tricks page here.

If you are fortunate enough to have your own hair, it? S important to secure it up and out of the way. Even if you have very short hair, a wig cap is a very helpful piece of equipment! If you have a lot of hair, sectioning it into several pieces is a good plan to avoid having lumps or bumps under your wig?

Curl up and pin sections of hair to the side of your head, like a spiral. Then place the wig cap over the top of your head? Slide it back as far as you can, generally right to your hairline. If you feel the need, you can also slide in a hairpin here and there to lock the cap in place.

If you do not have any hair, a wig cap will provide comfort during the day and protect your skin from rubbing. We also have a fantastic new product called? Which is a magical liner designed to absorb sweat and provide the ultimate in comfort and wearability. Once your hair is nice and safely tucked away, you? Re ready to apply your new wig!

Starting at the front of your wig, place the front of the wig against your forehead and slide the wig back and down over the back of your head? The back of the cap where the tag is should sit snugly at the nape of your neck where your own hairline finishes.

Ensure your wig is centered and on correctly by feeling the area on the temple area in front of your ears. There are little tabs on the cap that come down, and they should be even on both sides of your head.

Your wig at the front should be worn along your natural hairline, or just in front for a lace front wig. Wigs usually have an adjustable velcro or hook system in the nape area, and you can adjust your wig to suit. Inside the ear tabs you can often also find a bendable metal piece inside, you can bend the tabs gently to ensure that the tabs are flush against the sides of your head. If your wig feels too loose or too tight, remove it and adjust to suit your head shape. Wigs are an average size unless otherwise stated? It can be very uncomfortable wearing a wig that is too tight, and a wig that is too large might result in the unit slipping off!

We do have a great range of petite and large cap styles for just in case. If you want a little added security for your wig, you can slide hairpins through the wig and into your own hair. It pays to give your hair a quick finger styling after applying.

If the fringe is too long, you can certainly have it cut and styled by a professional! Keep your wig looking fresh between wears by placing somewhere well ventilated a wig stand is a great tool to use for this! Washing and styling tips for your new wig can also be found here. Can You Tell It's A Wig? Generally, people don't expect your hair to be pretend, so people overlook the fact that your hair might be pretend. Some styles look more natural than others, and depending on the level of realism you are looking for. The hairline of a wig can sometimes look a little false depending on the style - a fringe/bangs helps hide the cap line in those cases. Lace front wigs are the most natural wigs in the world? Even as wig sellers, we would have a hard time picking out a lace front from the others! They are the kind of wigs they use in movies etc to look completely real.

See our Bases help section for more information on the types of tops you can have! You can probably tell it's a wig.

Different settings on individual monitors may distort or change colors. We really go out of our way to try and make sure our photos look as accurate as possible!

We don't use sneaky soft lighting, or shadowy lighting to try and change how the hair looks? We present it exactly how it looks, so you can make a better decision. We also provide a description of the shade, a close up color of the tone, and pictures of the product from multiple angles, but please make sure you use the colour code for all reference as it's the only way to be 100% sure the colour is going to be perfectly matched. Everyone has a different type of monitor and we cannot be sure you have the same settings as everyone else. Sometimes a screen has more blue, red or green and that can throw off hues dramatically! We calibrate our monitors regularly and use a high end camera to ensure maximum color clarity.

If you aren't sure, please ask! Color numbers are provided to help you find the right shades. Please note that batches of wigs can vary slightly, highlight amounts can vary, and human hair especially can change as every wig is especially made.

Packed Base / Permatease Roots. A packed base is a very special type of base used for a number of reasons! Styling versatility is paramount with a base like this - you can lift the hair up and add volume anywhere you like, and it moves and parts with ease. The hair is super thick and a little crimped at the base, so you can have heaps of volume and height without over styling your hair.

The wig is generally lighter in construction as well, making the wig more comfortable to wear and better ventilated. The roots of the wig do have some tiny crimps to give the wig thickness, and also on the nape of the neck you will sometimes find a water-waved style texture which provides styling versatility and thickness without weighing down your wig. A skin top wig has a synthetic faux-skin top, generally made of a soft flexible synthetic material.

Depending on the level of detail, the fake skin will even have a skin texture laid into it for a super natural look! This means that if someone looks down your hair from above, they can see the hair growing directly out of skin? It's sneaky and tricky, and looks very real, and is much more affordable than using a monofilament top. A full skin top means you can part the hair anywhere from left to right, in the middle or anywhere you like! A skin top, being plastic, can be a little sweaty underneath, depending on when you wear it. Which is where Skin Parting can be useful - Please see below! Choosing a wig should be all about the style and the color, right? For many people, the idea of using human hair is a bit strange for a variety of reasons, but mainly because it used to belong to someone else. Whilst for other people, the idea of wearing synthetic hair doesn't feel natural to them. Both arguments are fair, and ultimately it's a question of personal taste.

Nevertheless, if you've found yourself in that endless conundrum, unable to decide between the two, we? Re here to offer you some much needed assistance. T decide for you, but we can tell you the facts and help you figure things out. The most obvious perk is most definitely the lower cost which makes them very appealing to those who are on a tight budget.

Using human hair comes with the added cost of having to pay the original owner of the hair for the privilege of taking their locks which obviously bumps costs up. With synthetically-made wigs, it is easy for demand to be met, because the wigs can be made whenever they are needed. This is because the products used to create the wigs are easy to get hold of, and therefore offer excellent and easy availability whenever they are needed. Human hair, on the other hand, is not always so easy to get hold of, especially in large quantities.

Plus, styles are much more likely to hold with synthetically-made wigs. This means that you will need to spend less time re-styling and shaping the hair, so less bad hair days! After washing, synthetic wigs dry much quicker than human hair wigs. During the summer months, when the temperatures start to rise, synthetic wigs are more appealing as they are much lighter on the head, making them cooler and more comfortable to wear. The synthetics used to create these wigs are designed so that they do not fade or lose any of their colorings when outside in the sunshine for prolonged periods of time.

This is of course a huge relief to women who spend a lot of time in their garden or doing outdoor pursuits. The Benefits of Human Hair Wigs. If you're one of those people who love playing with different hair styles, then human hair wigs are great because they can be styled, curled, trimmed and colored exactly like normal human hair. A major concern for many women, when choosing wigs, is whether or not they will look? It's difficult to find a wig that will look 100% natural, but the overall look will be much more natural with human hair, because it is authentic and not manufactured to look like it is authentic, as synthetic hair is.

It is often not recommended to use heated tools on synthetic hair, as the heat would damage the fibers. However, it is perfectly fine to curl, straighten and/or blow dry human hair with whatever heated appliance you choose, just as you would use with normal human hair. My wig is gone right now... The first question you should consider is how urgently do you need your wig?

Because of the high demand and increased popularity of wigs nowadays it can take weeks, sometimes even a month or two before your wig might become available again, but can you wait that long? If you are in no rush for your new wig and you can to wait for it to come back, the process with Wigs ASAP is simple. If you cannot wait, if your wig is ruined or un-wearable, and you need a new wig ASAP, don't panic.

The brands and ranges of wigs available these days are ever increasing, owing to the growing popularity of wearing wigs, as such it is likely you might be able to find something similar, almost identical, to the wig that is gone. Browse our extensive catalogue to find a wig that is suitable and comparable to the wig you originally wanted. You could always, of course, see this as an opportunity to explore your options. Wigs are just like hair styles in the sense of, when we know what we like we tend to stick with it, but this doesn't necessarily mean there aren't better alternatives for us out there. Why not try a different style, go longer or shorter or change your desired colour, if you don?

T like it as much as the original wig you wanted you can always order that one when it comes back in stock and keep your new wig as a spare, or a wig to wear when you? Re going out, for example. Think of it as an adventure, a modernisation of your current look, and open your mind to something new, have a look at the variety of wigs available and make sure the ones you like the most will suit your own face shape and style. How can I clean my wig? Are easily cleaned, and can be treated very similarly to your own natural hair, though do take into consideration that human hair wigs have been processed many times and are more easily damaged than your natural hair. It is therefore recommended that you use products specially designed for processed hair, and always take special care when cleaning your wig. Though synthetic wigs aren't as fragile as human hair wigs, they can only be washed with products that have been specially formulated for use on synthetic hair. Only shampoo, conditional and detangler should be used on synthetic hair. You should wash your synthetic wig after approximately every tenth wear. Fill your sink with water and some mild shampoo, and swish the wig gently in the water/shampoo mix. Rinse the wig thoroughly in cold water.

Allow the wig to drip dry. Wait until the wig is completely dry before brushing. One the wig is dry any curls will re-form and you can brush it into the desired style.

Will heat ruin my wig? If your wig is made of human hair, then NO, it should be fine to style using heated rollers or strengtheners.

If your wig is synthetic, then YES, using any kind of heat on your wig could potentially damage it. This includes general heat that you may come into contact with, such as heat from a cooker, as well as heated hair styling equipment. If your synthetic wig does come into contact with heat it could cause the fibres to fray or maybe even melt.

What hairbrush should I use to style my wig? Preferably, use a comb that is designed for synthetic hair, something wide toothed ideally, alternatively you could unknot the hair by combing through the hair with your fingers. If you use the wrong brush the synthetic hair may become very frizzy. Human Hair: You should ideally use a comb designed for processed hair, though any comb you would use on your natural hair should work equally as well.

Take extra care when combing your wig, though the hair is of the highest quality it has still been processed and weakened and can always be damaged. What is the difference between human hair and synthetic hair? Human hair wigs are the most natural looking and most durable of all hair pieces, they are made from 100% human hair and as such you can style, cut, dye the wig, however you like, without worrying that you might ruin it. The drawbacks to human hair wigs are that they are slightly more expensive and they require more maintenance. Human hair wigs need to be shampooed and conditioned, dried and styled regularly, and on particularly wet or humid days they may need to be re-styled completed. Synthetic wigs are often considered to be the easier and cheaper option to wig wearing, they are usually much lower priced and considered easier to care for as the monofilament fibre of the hair has a built in memory that will maintain curls, waves and styles much longer. The drawback to synthetic wigs is that unless they have been made from a heat resistant fibre, they cannot have any forms of heat styling equipment used on them, such as curling tongues or hair dryers, as this could permanently damage the fibre. Unsure whether a synthetic wig or a human hair wig is best for you?

Then maybe you need our human hair and synthetic blended wigs, which retain the style better whilst offering a more natural look. What is a wig cap? A wig cap is the base of a wig, which all of the hair is attached too. There are various types of caps, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. The way that the hair is attached to the base of the wig varies in technique, usually the hair is attached in wefts, which is strings of hair that have been doubled over and sewn closely together.

These strings are either then hand sewn, machine sewn, or are hand tied horizontally onto the vertical lines of the wig cap. What are the various kinds of wig caps? This is the most common of cap designs, and as such it is the most affordable cap design. The layers of hair are machine sewn into the cap, there is a closed lace layer at the crown which is often lightly crimped or teased so that you cannot see the cap underneath but the hair is given a natural lift for additional volume. These caps are made from a specialised material, a breathable and thin piece of nylon or polyester mesh that resembles skin, and assumes the natural colour of the wearers scalp by partially showing the natural scalp underneath.

Because of this, and the fact that the hairs are individually hand tied at the crown and can therefore be brushed and styled in any way, the monofilament cap offers the most natural looking wig. The cap itself is soft and is ideal for people suffering from total baldness or has a sensitive scalp.

The wig with no Cap. This cap is very similar to the standard cap wig with the exception of it doesn?

T have a closed lace layer at the crown and instead has vertical lace strips with? On the crown, sides and back to allow for extra ventilation, making a cap-less wig cooler, lighter and more comfortable to wear. What colour wig should I choose? Try to choose a colour that you have had your natural hair before and therefore you know you like and suits your appearance. If this is your first wig, then you should avoid bright, or very different hair colours to that you are used to, at least until you are comfortable wearing a wig and feel confident in yourself.

If you are still unsure which colour you want, consider purchasing a colour ring first. What size wig do I need? The average wig size should fit most people, however, it is advisable to measure your head first to ensure the wig you choose is going to fit you.

Wigs should be worn around you natural hairline, at the front, sides and back, so this is the area you will need to measure. Remember every wig can be altered to an inch larger or smaller with built in adjustable hook or Velcro straps. Using a cloth measuring tape, rest the tape but do not pull or stretch the tape. Measure around the head, following your natural hairline ensuring the tape is just above the ear.

Measure from your nape, over the top of your head and down to your foreheads natural hairline. Measure your head from the top of one ear, over the top of your head and down to the top of your other ear. Check your measurements against the table below to find out what size you need. Petite -21", 13 1/4", 13.

Petite/Average- 21 1/4", 13 3/4", 13 1/4. Average- 21 1/2", 14 1/4", 13 1/2. Average/Large- 22 1/2", 14 3/4", 13 3/4. Large- 23", 15 1/4", 14.

Can I cut, dye and/or style my wig using heat? Human Hair: Human hair wigs can be styled in the same way you would style your natural hair, this includes cutting it, colouring it, straightening it, perming it...

We always recommend that you use a hair stylist that is experienced in styling processed hair. Synthetic wigs can be cut, though using a stylist who is experienced in cutting processed hair is advisable. Synthetic wigs cannot be coloured, permed, straightened or have any other kind of chemical or heat styling equipment or products used on them, use of these kinds of products may damage the fibre of the hair.

Which wig will best suit my face shape? First, you need to ascertain as to what your face shape is, tie your natural hair back and out of the way and take a look at your face in the mirror, if it is easier trace your face shape and use that to determine what your face shape is. Heart shaped face: short and full wigs, wigs with long sides and wigs with blunt fringes. Round shaped face: long wigs, wigs with bangs, wigs with a long and thin fringe, chin length wigs. Oval shaped face: wigs with an off-centre parting, wigs with long layers and/or layers that end at cheekbone height.

Square shaped face: medium length to long wigs, wispy and fringed wigs, loose curls and waved wigs. Heart shaped face: soft layered bob styled wig, medium length to long wigs, a loosely curled or waved wig. What are front laced wigs? Front laced wigs are designed with a lace base that attaches to the wearer natural hairline, it can be custom made, trimmed and even temporarily glued to your natural hairline. The lace base makes it impossible to see where the lace starts and gives the illusion of a natural hairline, thus making your wig look more natural.

Front laced wigs are made using synthetic fibres, human hair and sometimes even a blend of the two. How should I store my wig when I? To ensure your wig maintains its shape and fits onto your head nicely, you should always keep it on a wig stand whenever you are not wearing it. You should have a wig stand for each of your wigs, avoid piling one on top of the other and this may cause them to lose shape. How long can I expect my wig to last for? This really depends on how often you use your wig and how carefully you look after it. If you look after it properly it could last you for years. Follow the instructions for your particular wig, in terms of what to avoid and how to properly clean your wig. So you've bought one of our Synthetic Wigs, have you? Hurrah, and welcome to the vastly growing club. We hope that you love your wigs as much as we do. Ve paid good dollar for it; you want it to last longer than five minutes right? We do our best, by only supplying the highest quality wigs for our customers, but even with the finest materials created lovingly and with care, things won't always stay that nice. However, you could prolong the life of your new hair, by following a few simple steps and taking good care of it, showing as much love for it, as we? Caring for your Synthetic Wig: The core areas for good synthetic wig care are knowing how to wash it, and how to store it correctly. T feel like you have to go crazy, and wash it after every use. T like natural hair; it doesn? T become dry in the same way and there aren? T any sebaceous glands creating grease at the roots.

Instead, we recommend washing your wig roughly every 15 - 20 wears just to get it looking healthy again. Synthetic Wig Shampoo that has been specifically designed for use with synthetic wigs. It is incredibly important that you do not use a standard hair shampoo because it could potentially damage your wig.

Remember that the build-up of the synthetic hair is very different to human hair, and has different requirements. This is handy for detangling the hairs, and a comb that has wide teeth will make this job much easier for you.

Wig Form or Folding Stand. This helps to ensure that your wig dries properly and in the right shape. What you need to do. Take your wig in one hand, and your wide tooth comb in the other, and very gently comb the tangles and any knots from your wig, making sure to work from the ends to the base never the other way round, even though we know it?

S really easy to want to do that! Grab your Wig Shampoo and squeeze just a teaspoonful into cool water.

Never use hot water, as this may damage your wig. Carefully submerge your wig in the water, and soak for around three to five minutes. Gently swirl the wig around the water to help the shampoo to do its job.

However, remember not to rub. Empty the water, and run your wig underneath the cool water to wash out the shampoo thoroughly. Wrap a clean towel around the hair and carefully press it, to remove any excess water. Place your wig onto the holding wig stand or form, and shape as required. Spray the hair with a Leave-In Conditioner to make sure that it looks healthy and shiny.

Allow it to dry naturally. Eleven Simple Rules of Caring For Your Synthetic Wig. Rules are the boring part of life; we know that all too well.

Always use a Wide Tooth Comb to brush the tangles out of your wig. Regular hairbrushes are a bit too rough and could damage the fibers. Never style your wig whilst it is wet, instead wait until it has dried all the way through and style to your heart? When washing, you should always use cool water, because hot water could damage the synthetic wig. Make sure that you only wash your hair with a Synthetic Wig Shampoo, rather than a regular drugstore shampoo.

When drying, it is important not to add unnecessary stress to the fibers by rubbing or wringing it. Try not to wash your wig too often (every 15 to 20 wears should be adequate), as washing it too often may shorten its lifespan.

Always take your wig to a professional to be trimmed, never attempt to it yourself even if it? S only a small job. The professionals know how to take care of your wig to prolong its life.

Be extra careful when cooking whilst wearing a synthetic wig. Never open a hot oven door, or stand over a boiling cooking pot or Barbecue Grill, as the wig cannot handle the high temperatures and may become damaged. Re keeping on top of keeping your Synthetic Wig nice and clean good on you!

, however are you washing the hair beneath the wig as well? Our scalps create sebum, especially when it gets hot and sweaty underneath the wig, so keeping your hair clean helps to reduce how often the wig itself will need washing.

This in turn will further your wigs lifespan. However, always ensure that your hair is completely dry before putting your wig over the top. Storage is just as important for your wig as keeping it clean. Always store it on a proper wig stand when you are not wearing it, as this will help to maintain the wigs shape and style.

Using a wig cap helps to protect both your hair and wig protected from damage. Skin top parting is very much like a skin top, only the skin top parting is only where the hair is parted!

Generally the part is only about an inch wide, and about 4 inches back on the head for a natural parting. Having only a small amount of skin in that one area means the piece is lighter and cooler to wear - allowing for more ventilation! The style of the wig is quite set in place though, as you cant change the parting as easily etc. Lace front wigs are, by far, the most natural and wonderful wigs available on the market today! The hair is sewn onto a transparent mesh along the front, meaning you can have the hair styled back away from your face and still have a completely natural looking hairline!

Generally, the top of the wig is also monofilament, meaning all the hair looks, feels and acts like real hair. Some wigs have a lace front with a regular cap also, depending on the requirements of the style. Definitely the most versatile wig, no one would ever know this wasn? Some lace front wigs have lace along the forehead region alone, whereas other lace front wigs can go from ear to ear. A monofilament base is the perfect way to get a nice natural and light wearing wig!

The hair is hand sewn onto a transparent soft breathable mesh base which lets your own skin tone show through. This means your hair looks super real, and your skin can breathe with a really good airflow, whilst it matches your skin tone. As the hair is tied on the mesh base, parting the hair is extremely easy to do on a monofilament top.

Our pictures below show how natural the hair looks! You can sleek the hair down for a flat natural look, or style the roots upwards for a fuller appearance! The hairline on these wigs is also a lot closer to your skin, making side parts a lot more realistic. Generally the whole top of the wig, not the sides, are monofilament, but if you have a mono part, just the parting area of the wig is monofilament - this makes the piece more affordable.

A mono top is perfect for people with a sensitive scalp as it is softer and lighter than a regular wig. A Capless construction sounds very confusing, as a wig needs to have a cap! The wig is very similar to a normal wig, but the top and sides are really open with thin wefts. This allows for great air circulation, letting your head breathe and feel a lot cooler. It also means the wig is a lot lighter and easier to wear? A fully hand tied wig is the very height of luxury when it comes to wigs!

The cap is supremely stretchy, and even the back and sides of the wig are carefully hand knotted? This costs more due to the long painstaking process, but the results are flawless. Just get in touch, we are friendly and understanding of these problems. You will be informed of this in good time if it becomes necessary.

Please be sure you have provided a correct address, many of our items are dispatched within the hour so we cannot change or modify addresses as a rule. If you want it to reship you will have to repurchase the item. ITEM COLOR Please order your item based on the color number, not the photos. We cannot control your monitor settings. Please do not leave us item not as described feedback because the color looks different in person than in the photo. IF YOU ITEM IS A "NATURAL" HUMAN HAIR PLEASE NOTE: Natural Human Hair may have a few strands of other colors running thru them. &###xA0; IF YOU ITEM IS HUMAN HAIR PLEASE NOTE: As you human hair wearers know human hair comes out of the box needing to be styled. WE TAKE OUR PHOTOS OUTSIDE IN GOOD BRIGHT LIGHTING. If you are looking at your item in a darker or lighter setting the color will look different.

We want you to be happy with your choice and you want to be happy but we do not do exchanges because you do not like the color or the style. Opening a dispute saying it is defective because you do not like the style, color, or it does not fit (please measure your head to be sure of your head size) or it does not have the amount of hair you want does not make the item defective, nor does it mean it is an item not described. Remember you can customize your wig, we suggest going to a hairstylist to consult any customizing you are considering Colour Policy: Different settings on individual monitors may distort or change colors.

Please note that batches of wigs can vary slightly, highlight amounts can vary, and human hair especially can change as every wig is specially made. Please choose carefully as we cannot take a return due to not liking a color or style choice made by you. Not liking the color or style does not make the item defective, if color was different than you thought it would be also does not make it defective. We will be glad to help but any suggestions made by us are only suggestions and if you choose to order based on our suggestion we cannot accept a return. IF YOU ARE UNSURE ABOUT COLOR, STYLE ECT PLEASE READ THE ABOUT COLOR TAB.

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